Let me start off by saying that in the cake pop community I am considered a newbie. Although I’ve only been making cake pops for almost a year, I was welcomed with opened arms at the Cake Pop Con 2014. I instantly fell in love with all things cake pops and the vibe was amazing!


The convention lasted three days and was held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. From the very beginning I was super excited and could not wait to attend. Months earlier I stumbled upon pictures of cake pop meet ups on instagram and decided that I had to attend one soon. After further research, I discovered that the first ever cake pop convention was to be held this fall on the east coast. I knew this was my opportunity, if ever, to attend and meet those who have paved the way for cake poppers like myself, so I stalked their page and bought my ticket within hours of them going on sale.


Everything exceeded my expectations to include the hotel, the promptness, the coordinators, the sponsors, the speakers, the classes, the food, you name it! A lot of work went into making this experience one that won’t be forgotten and I would love to thank Kim Celano of KC Bakes, the Cake Pop Con Team, and our awesome sponsors for the convention and I would also like to thank Bakerella for inspiring all of us with her creativeness.

I could go on and on about how awesome of a time I had but it would never end, so today’s goodie is…. you guessed it, CAKE POPS!!!


What better time to start prepping for the holidays, than now! I just love anything winter wonderland themed and these white Christmas trees are perfect as desserts for a party or group potluck.


With these I decorated using Bakerella’s Marshmellow White candy coats and Wilton sprinkles. These were super easy to make and Oh So Cute!!!  


IMG_7956 IMG_7952



You can make these cake pops too by following the directions below.  


Winter Wonderland Christmas Tree Cake Pops


Winter Wonderland Christmas Tree Cake Pops
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Prep Time
2 hr
Total Time
2 hr
Prep Time
2 hr
Total Time
2 hr
  1. any flavored cake (cooled)
  2. 2 tbsp. frosting
  3. parchment paper
  4. cookie sheet
  5. cake pop sticks
  6. cake pop holder
  7. Ziploc bag
  8. white candy melts (or white chocolate)
  9. toothpicks
  10. sprinkles
  1. Crumble cake by using hands or food processor. There should be no huge pieces of cake.
  2. Once cake is in crumbs, add 2 tablespoons of frosting (more or less to liking). Combine cake and frosting until cake holds together when cake pop dough is formed. Dough should resemble play dough and should hold shape without crumbling apart.
  3. Form 15-17 1 1/2 inch balls of cake pop dough to ensure all pops are the same size. Then form each ball into tree-like cones with flat bottoms. Place onto parchment lined cookie sheet and put in freezer for 5-7 min.
  4. While formed cake pop dough is in freezer, melt candy melts (or white chocolate) according to directions on packaging. Once coating is melted, add paramount crystals (or Crisco) until coating flows easily from spoon. Do not overheat!
  5. Remove cake pop dough from freezer. Make sure coating, cake pop sticks, and styrofoam block (cake pop holder) is nearby.
  6. Take sticks and dip 1/2 inch into melted coating. Immediately insert stick into flat part of cone shaped cake pop dough 1/2 inch deep. Dip entire pop until coating barely touches the stick. Repeat for each cake pop and let dry.
  7. Insert a toothpick into coating and apply to cake pop tree pulling outward to create leaves of tree. Continue around the cake pop until there are no flat areas except on the bottom of the tree. Let Dry.
  8. Put some melted coating into a Ziploc bag (or piping bag). Make sure to remove all air and squeeze until all coating is in one corner. Cut a little of the corner off and squeeze onto parchment paper (or paper plate) to make sure hole is big enough (or not too big) to pipe.
  9. Grab dried tree in one hand and bag with coating in the other. Start at the top and slowly squeeze coating onto tree while spinning tree. Pipe coating onto tree to resemble the garland on a regular sized Christmas tree.
  10. Immediately coat in blue sprinkles, tapping excess off. Repeat another line of garland with white sprinkles.
  11. At the top, squeeze a little of coating and place 1 star upright facing the front of your tree.
  12. Allow to dry and enjoy!
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