Christmas Care Package (inside wrapped)

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When I’m away from home, one of the things I miss most is my family. Although when you are deployed, you are with thousands of people, it is not the same as being with loved ones. Out of all the Holidays, Christmas screams family and since my best friend (who is currently deployed) cannot be with her family this year during her favorite holiday, I decided to send her a Christmas care package.

Christmas Care Package

One thing I hate about sending Christmas gifts in the mail is the ugly packaging. Of course there are many boxes that you can buy already wrapped but when I send care packages, I usually use the FPO/APO large flat rate box available at the post office just to save money.

The perfect compromise to using an ugly flat rate box is to wrap the inside of the box instead of the outside. My theme was Red and Gold peppermint!

All you need is:

Flat Rate Box (or box of your choosing)

Elmer’s School Glue

Wrapping Paper


Clear Packing Tape

Flat (or almost flat) Decorations

Open and extend box so that it is flat and all sides are exposed. Line wrapping paper up against box and cut the end of the wrapping paper. Lay box with the inside part facing up


Squeeze glue all over inside part of box making sure to apply glue to all edges. Carefully place the cut piece of paper on to box. Press down paper to ensure glue dries with paper attached. Allow to dry for 30 minutes so that paper will not slide.


Once dried, cut slits in paper where the box folds and separates. Re-assemble box. Now you have an inside wrapped box!


Decorate top folds of box with flat decorations. Tape down and fill box with goodies! These are the decorations I used for the folds of the box. I got everything from the dollar sections at Michael’s and Target except the peppermints.





 You can also ship these cute mini Sweet Potato Pies! Yum!

Mason Jar Sweet Potato Pies

 I wrapped them in bubble wrap and then in tissue paper to make them cuter.


Additional tips: To add scent, I bought a bag of soft peppermints and disbursed them throughout the box so that she could smell them once she opened it. You can also use car air fresheners, I prefer Yankee Candle.

She loved it! Your troop will too!


 Any theme would be perfect, as long as you show them that you thought of them. What theme would you do?

Crayon Wreath Tutorial (under $25)

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What better way to show a teacher you appreciate them than giving them a gift. In my case, I wanted to make something for my son’s daycare provider. This is not just any homemade gift, but one that she will display and appreciate for years to come.


When I looked at my son’s monthly calendar and noticed that his provider’s birthday was coming up, I knew that I wanted to give her 2 gifts to show her how much we appreciate her. Not only did I want to give her something for herself, but I also thought it would be a nice idea to make something for the children’s room.

So, I began searching and eventually landed on a few tutorials of crayon wreaths. My inspirations include The PharMA Blog and Two Yellow Birds Decor but of course I had to personalize it for what I needed it for.

These are the items I used:

12″ Embroidery Hoop (~$2.50 at Michael’s)

7″ Embroidery Hoop (~$1.50 at Michael’s)

96 count of Crayola Crayons (~$8 at Walmart)

Ribbon (~$5 at Hancock Fabrics)

Decorations (~$4 at Dollar Tree)

Hot Glue Gun (w/ extra glue sticks)



This colorful wreath was a blast to put together! The most difficult part was making sure that the crayons were aligned correctly. I admit, I struggled with this at first but after gluing the 5th crayon down, it became easier.

Because I like a little bit of order, I couldn’t just randomly put the colors on (I am not a random kind of girl). They had to be somewhat like a rainbow but not too much of the same color in one place. The solution: have three series of colors like shown below.

Notice there are 3 sets of red, 3 sets of blue, and so on.


And to make a somewhat perfect circle, I placed the bottom black line of each crayon on the smaller hoop so that the top black line lined up with the larger hoop. I hope I explained that clearly.


Then I dabbed hot glue on the hoops, and placed each crayon on one at a time.


Once the crayon wreath was completed, the fun part was next. You guessed it, decorating time!

Because the theme of our provider’s day care is butterflies, they had to make an appearance on this wreath. I was excited to find this butterfly tape in the craft aisle of the Dollar Tree.

I also found paper letters where the teacher decorations were and decided to put the tape on the left side of the letters.



Next, I placed the letters and the flowers that I found in the garden section of the Dollar Tree (they have everything I swear) onto the wreath to get an idea of the placement that looks best. To me the letters looked best on the bottom with two flowers on each side.

What do you think?


After gluing down the decorations, came the last step.



Now, I love this yellow ruler ribbon that I found at Hancock Fabrics, but my luck with ribbons and bows hasn’t been that great.

Making bows is not one of my strengths, so I did what I could with the talent that I lacked and this is what became of it.


I think she turned out pretty nice, what do you think?